We are developing our own style of Border Morris, performing both traditional dances and some of our own invention. We are a mixed group of both female and male dancers and musicians. We wear white tatters and top hats festooned with feathers, ribbons and bells. We uphold the Border Morris tradition by blacking our faces as a disguise. But as we like to put our own twist on it some of our members have skulls painted on there face.

One of our aims is to try and get the younger generation interested  in morris dancing again. We try and make it as fun as possible, we do offer workshops to the younger generation. we have had a work shop with scout groups and other parent and children on practice nights. we would also like to say a massive thank you to the plough pub in wilmington for offering there services to us for a place to practice.

So if anyone is interested in coming to see use we practice Thursday nights at the plough in wilmington from 7.00pm (every other Thursday ), we have also have a shop were we sell various types of bashees merchendise  so feel free to take look and any questions feel free to get in contact with us on are face book page or by going to owe contact page.

if you wish too come join us or even have use dance at an event just message us feel free.

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